What will my picture look like on the wall?

When you browse art online, it’s sometimes difficult to visualise what a picture will look like in real life, once it is framed and on the wall. We try to make this easier for people looking at our website by showing some of the prints being signed. I think it helps when you see an actual print, you can more easily gauge its size and colour and also get a feel for the quality of the printing process.

Signing 'Chroma' floral series large print, D8E5583, L1200px, 400KB, © Paul J Coghlin 2018.jpg

We have also started to upload pictures of what prints in-situ would look like, showing them framed and on the wall, to give you a better idea of what they might look like in your own home. It will take us a little while to do this for all of my prints, but if there is one in particular that you would like to see on the wall, please let me know and we will get that uploaded for you.

If you have bought any of my prints and would like to send us a picture of it hanging on your wall, we would be thrilled to see it and to include it on our website.

Photographic print of a giraffe in a child’s bedroom. Limited edition prints by fine art photographer Paul Coghlin.

Floral February

If last month was 'Blue January', this month seems to be starting out with a confusion of colours on the mood chart, as we nudge our way closer to spring. So far we have had snow, brilliant sunshine and buckets of rain (here in Suffolk at least), so perhaps we should go with 'Floral February' instead of sticking to one colour, and make this month a bright and cheery multi-coloured one.

If you are planning a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day, we have a turnaround of just a couple of days for smaller prints and normally three days for larger prints.

Here is my pick of floral prints, in a variety of colours to suit whatever February has to throw at us....