A Flower a Day for the Month of May

We have been having fun on Instagram this month, with my wife Karina, taking over my Instagram account to post her pick of flowers for each day of May. I did a similar thing last year, but this time Karina was keen to pick her favourites.

She is also giving the background story to each print and it’s been interesting to see which ones she has chosen. Here is a sample:

Ranunculus III 32x40 on lounge wall.jpg

On 10th May, Karina chose the Orange Ranuculus prints (above) and wrote this about them:

“I’m definitely cheating today by offering up four flower prints: Orange Ranunculus I, II, III & V from Paul’s Chroma II series. The lovely bright colour seems appropriate as we head into the weekend.

There are around 500 types of ranunculus, including the common buttercup, and these orange beauties came from our local flower farm. Their large heads with their delicate, multi-layered petals really draw the eye and their fine edges give the images lots of texture and detail, which the large 40x50 inch prints show really well.

The stamen look incredibly complex, especially in Orange Ranunculus II and I love that these photographs have a gentle painterly quality to them too.”

Leucospermum cordifolium (Protea) I, II + III 15x19.jpg

On 13th May Karina wrote about the three Leucospermum cordifolium (Protea) flower prints above :

"On day 13 of my takeover of Paul’s Insta account for ‘A Flower A Day for the Month of May’, my choice is the Leucospermum cordifolium (Protea) flower in three prints from the ‘Botanic’ series.

Originally from South Africa, this is one of the very few of the flowers that Paul has photographed that was not grown locally.

The flower has an elegant and quite complex structure which gives the prints masses of texture and detail.

The Leucospermum cordifolium has been likened to a pin-cushion, with the pistils (not petals) being the pins and the flower head being the cushion. The head is a composite bloom made up of lots of individual flowers - it’s fascinating and very beautiful.

These three prints make a nice triptych and I have included a picture of what they would look like together on the wall”.

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Best wishes


Karina Coghlin