New Releases

Arum Lily (Z. aethiopica) on White I  and  II  . Botanical studies by fine art photographer Paul Coghlin

I’ve started the new year with the release of two new pieces of work. Arum Lily (Z. aethiopica) on White I and II form part of the Bloom series of botanical studies on a white backround. These Limited Edition photographic prints come in a range of sizes up to 40 x 50 inches.

Photographing white-on-white is always a challenge, but I'm pleased with the resulting painterly freshness of these two pieces. Arum lilies (Z. aethiopica) are graceful flowers and I love the minimalist simplicity of their form. We have a clump of these growing in our garden - the wind snapped one of the blooms to the ground one day, and so I took the opportunity to photograph it.

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- Paul

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