On the Suffolk Coast

We have been enjoying glorious weather here in Suffolk and we took ourselves off for an exploration of the Suffolk coast recently. Coffee and a bun at a farmshop cafe was followed by a visit to Snape Maltings to look around the various art galleries.

A highlight was the Lettering Arts Trust gallery, which had an exhibition called THE LOST WORDS forget me not, which is on until 26th May. The artworks celebrate “ …our connections with nature and the feelings, associations and memories conjured by words such as ‘acorn’, ‘conker’, ‘adder’, kingfisher’, ‘lark, ‘ fern’ and ‘willow’ – each of which has been removed from the OUP Junior Dictionary in recent years.” We found the exhibition quite poignant. The gallery is open Friday-Monday, so it’s worth bearing that in mind if you would like to see it.

After that we spent a while admiring Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture Family of Man which sits just behind the Snape concert hall.

Family of Man by sculptor Barbara Hepworth at Snape Maltings in Suffolk

It’s incredibly peaceful standing near this lovely artwork (which was unfinished at the time of the artist’s death). The reeds behind it were rustling in the breeze and we could hear curlews, seagulls and skylarks above.

Retired fishing boat on Aldeburgh beach on the Suffolk coast.
Markers off Aldeburgh Beach in Suffolk. Seascapes by fine art photographer Paul Coghlin.

Our next stop was Aldeburgh beach where we spent an hour or so taking photographs and walking over the crunchy pebbles. Unfortunately the fish and chip shop was shut, much to my wife’s dismay, so I think a return visit in the near future is likely.

The Suffolk coastline is tranquil, as are many Suffolk landscapes. The skies are famously wide and on a stormy day, they can be pretty spectacular. On this occasion though, there was no drama, just beautful blue skies, gently lapping waves and wall-to-wall sunshine. Nice!

There are more seascapes on the Water page on the website if you would like to have a browse.

Best wishes


Paul Coghlin