Top Pick by London Interior Designers

I was pleased to have one of my floral prints chosen as a 'top pick' by interior designers Nicole Salvesen and Mary Graham, founders of Salvesen Graham, based in London.

The 'power pair of interior design' see art as a key element in their design process, one which brings interesting details and colours into a room.

Interviewed by online art gallery Rise Art (where some of my work is sold), they say: " We always say that our interiors are as much about the way you feel in a room, as the way it looks, so in that sense both the art and the interior scheme have equal strength in how you exist in a space. Interiors without art feel very flat to us, there needs to be something on the walls or in the space to make a room come to life."

Choosing my Icelandic Poppy I as one of their top picks, they go on to say: " We are pleased to see colour is around in abundance at the moment. We thrive on mixing modern and traditional styles in both furniture, fabrics, accessories and of course art, to create welcoming and elegant homes."

Icelandic Poppy I is one of three images I took of this particular flower. Below are the others: Icelandic Poppy II and Icelandic Poppy III

You can read the full article on the Rise Art website here.

PressKarina Coghlin