BTNC_015 Papaver nudicaule (Icelandic Poppy) II. Limited edition photographic print by Paul Coghlin

Papaver nudicaule (Icelandic Poppy) II - Ref: BTNC_015

This Limited Edition photographic print of a poppy is made using archival pigment inks and archival fine-art paper.

It is signed and numbered by Paul Coghlin on the front, and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The in-situ image below shows 32" x 40" print size.

Limited edition prints are available in the following sizes:

12" x 15" Edition of 10

15" x 19" Edition of 10

24" x 30" Edition of 10

32" x 40" Edition of 10

40" x 50" Edition of 7

Monochrome image of a poppy. Limited edition fine art floral prints by fine art photographer Paul Coghlin