The Chroma floral series features flowers chosen for their exquisite detail, delicate colour and natural symmetry. This body of work is an exploration of texture, form and tone.


Paul has chosen the flowers for this series for their exquisite detail, delicate colour and natural symmetry. Many of the flowers were grown by him in his garden and others have been grown at a nearby flower farm, just a few miles from Paul’s studio. Each of the twenty-three floral studies shown here have one dominant hue and a physical background based on a specific colour selected from the petals of each individual flower, which are designed to complement each other perfectly. Paul explores texture throughout much of his work and the fine detail he captures is a recognised component of his photographic style.

“I have tried to convey that emotional impact we feel, when we see something beautiful for the first time”, says Paul. “When I see a stunning flower, I notice its perfume, fine texture and the intricacy of its structure. It's a fleeting first impression, which is a challenge to capture in a photograph, and I work to convey this emotion”.


Chroma: Twenty-three limited edition colour floral studies printed on fine art paper with archival inks to gallery and museum standard.

Limited edition fine art floral print of a dahlia by Paul Coghlin FBIPP