PTL004 White Empress. Limited edition photographic print by Paul Coghlin

White Empress - Ref: PTL004

This Limited Edition photographic print of an allium 'White Empress' is made using archival pigment inks and archival fine-art paper.

It is signed and numbered by Paul Coghlin on the front, and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

The in-situ image below shows 30" x 30" print size.

Limited edition prints are available in the following sizes:

11" x 11" Edition of 10

15" x 15" Edition of 10

24" x 24" Edition of 10

30" x 30" Edition of 10

Two black and white floral photographs, one of a chrysanthamum and the other an allium ‘White Empress’ by fine art photographer Paul Coghlin

About This Print

This limited edition print is part of the award-winning, black and white floral series, Petalum. The twenty-two monochrome studies have been chosen for their fine detail and the delicate head of the allium ‘White Empress’ flower is particularly intricate. The elegant, rounded umbel, made up of dozens of star-shaped white flowers, lends the image texture, dimension and luminescence.