“Detail and texture; symmetry and form. These are common elements which thread through my quite diverse bodies of work, and connect every subject to each other: from a lion’s stare to a protea flower; from cathedral cloister stone-craft to the shiny chrome of classic cars.

Throughout all of my projects, I’ve worked to capture not just a subject’s form but also a visual and perhaps painterly representation of the fleeting emotion I felt at the time the images were captured; encouraging the viewer to experience at least part of that same intangible sensation when they study my work.

The textural component of many of my pictures often provokes a desire in viewers to reach out to touch the prints, as though the subject appears almost real; to feel the delicate curl of a flower’s petal or to run their hand across the soft warm fur of a lion’s mane.

My colour work frequently has one hue which has been selected to be deliberately dominant, and which complements elements within the image. This approach can be seen in particular with the floral series Chroma, where each photograph had its own individual colour background created physically, based on a specific colour selected within each flower.

There is also an intriguing aspect to looking beyond the obvious; to capture photographically detail, shape and pattern hidden in plain sight, and to explore its symmetry, light and texture. My images often feature and are inspired by the natural world, which I feel a strong connection to; something which was instilled in me at a young age from my childhood in the beautiful New Forest region of southern England”.

Paul Coghlin