New Releases

Paul has released two new Limited Edition prints: ‘Fearless’ available in a range of sizes, up to 40 x 40 inches; and ‘Lioness Watching’ up to 50 x 36 inches in size. Please click the images below to see more details.

"Throughout all of my projects, I’ve worked to capture not just a subject’s form but also a visual representation of the fleeting emotion I felt at the time the images were captured; encouraging the viewer to experience at least part of that same intangible sensation when they study the images.

The textural component of many of my pictures often provokes a desire to reach out to touch the prints, as though the subject appears almost real; as though you could feel the delicate curl of a flower’s petal or the soft warmth of a lion’s mane.

I'm proud to have my work in collections around the world and to be represented and exhibited internationally"